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Is there a thermocline?
There is no thermocline in the St.Lawrence River. Water temperature on the top is the water temp. on the bottom.


What is the Average Water Temperature?
April 40+, May 45-50+, June 60+, July 70+, August 75+, September 65-69, October 60-65.

How strong is the current?
Current varies between 0 -3 knots, depending on the dive site.
Do I need to bring my Scuba Certification Card(s)?
Yes, Scuba Certification Cards are mandatory to dive off from our charter boats as well as to rent scuba gear and get air/nitrox fills at Air Stations. No exceptions.
How many Divers can you accommodate on your Charter Boat?
Our charters run with a minimum 2 divers and up to a maximum of 22 divers. We offer Charters to either Private Groups or Walk On’s.
Do you offer Charters during the week?
Yes, we offer Charters 7 days a week, from May to the end of October. We also offer Day or Night Charters.
Do you offer a lunch?
Yes, when you book as a Private Group you have the choice between two different Hot Lunches.
What is the average visibility?
Average visibility is 60+ ft.
Do I need a Dry Suit?
Bring them if you wish, however a 5 or 7 mm wetsuit works just fine. Gloves are required due to Zebra Mussels.
Are there Shore Dives?
Yes, our area is known as “Shore Dive Capital of Ontario”. Shore diving is available free of charge, 24/7.
Are there Drift Dives?
Yes, every type you can imagine.
What is the deepest shipwreck that you charter to?
The deepest shipwreck that we charter to is the Roy A. Jodrey, an Algoma Steel freighter that struck a shoal and sank near the Rockport Narrows. She lies in 150 - 242ft of water.
What is the condition of the Shipwrecks?
Fair to excellent. Wear and tear varies, however our freshwater wrecks do not deteriorate as quickly as those lying in saltwater.


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